Please Help! Up and Coming Distributor!

Dec 2016
Queens, New York
Hello everyone,

I need some advice on selling cigars as i am new to this. As for some quick background information, my name is Brandon Duran and my father and I have some very special connections to cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic, and are able to buy many of these $13-$25 cigars for dirt cheap. We have these connections because we sell our tobacco to various cigar companies, as it is some of the best in the country.

My question to everyone is, how does selling cigars online work? Do I need licensing? Can I sell through forums, etc.?

Also, since we grow our own tobacco and sell to cigar companies, I plan on manufacturing our own cigars and selling them with our own label.

Any help is greatly appreciated, please reach me through this site or email me at: [email protected]

Thank you
Oct 2012
Better check FDA regulations. I'm not sure where they stand right now, but at one time only brands that have a history would be allowed to be sold.
Jul 2018
North Carolina
Selling cigars online

Just like any other business, takes upfront investment and some one who knows
what they are doing.
I buy two boxes/mo fron JR /cigars, and am quite happy with them. You should check with websites and perhaps some cigar merchants where you are
(NY?)-they would tell you what is involved, and which states are easiest to set up in. NY I think would be the worst.