unknown cigars

Dec 2016
Hello all,

My granddad passed away a few months ago and he left a bunch cigars - some complete boxes, some wrapped in cellophane and some in tubes. Unfortunately my family know nothing about cigars, and I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the right direction of where to go?

Briefly, they are as follows:

King Edward Imperial (mild tobaccos) box with quite a few cigars in cellophane

Embassy President cigars three corona single tubes in box

And Quintero y hno box with some cigars

And also a Wooden Cigar Box with a metal lid with an English Civil War scene which is unopened

Please have a look at some of the photos attached

Any help you can give will be really appreciated



Oct 2012
I wouldn't be too concerned about the value of the collection. The bulk of the cigars are not exceptional and the absence of a humidor along with no idea of how old they are makes the quality very questionable. If any of the mixed bunch are Cuban, they may be worth something, but again without proper storage they could be nearly worthless.