What did you buy today?

Aug 18, 2007
Well I am finally drinking Bourbon on the rocks with my cigars and I love it. I started with Manhattans made with makers mark for a couple of weeks and then last week I had the MM on the rocks and I was hooked. I bought a bottle of Knob Creek last saturday and had a couple on the rocks. I can't wait to pour a couple more, I am very curious to try some of the special bourbons mentioned in the top 25 list since I find the Knob so smooth.
Feb 2, 2014
Upstate New York
Heineken Dark. Just a six'er. Don't drink much beer (prefer Bourbon and occasionally Rye over everything else) because it makes me feel full too quickly. I must admit, it tasted really good.
I'll stick with my Jim Beam Black or Makers Mark 46, thank you. :)
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Oct 14, 2012
2 more lighters on top of the 5 I bought yesterday. But I bought 2 bottles of bourbon this week- Russell's Reserve and Four Roses single barrel and a bottle of brandy too.:cheers:

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