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Body versus flavor....

Ok...I've read plenty of ads, reviews, etc. What I'm just realizing is...I don't know the difference between body and flavor...when some one says full bodied, medium flavor...what does that mean?
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flavor is just that. Flavor. A full flavor has plenty of flavor. often it stands out as a recognizable flavor.

body is how strong a cigar is. how it makes you feel. how it reacts with your body.

to better understand body VS flavor you should do tests. Get yourself a cusano 18 double connecticut and a camacho diploma. I would say that both of these cigars are full flavor. however, the camacho diploma is full body where as the cusano is a mild to medium body.

smoke the cusano after lunch. smoke the diploma after dinner.
note how you feel after each one.

Body is better experienced, not discribed.
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Excellent explanation, Matt!! Most people never match body with how the cigar hits you, including me. Great Job!
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body, flavor, versus

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