Did you miss me?

Sep 6, 2005
Newport, RI
It's been so long, I figured I'd post a new "New User" thread. My name is Aubrey and I've been smoking cigars for about seven years now. I'm a Navy JAG in Newport, RI for training. In December, I'll be in Jacksonville. Great to see a few names I recognize on here and hope to meet a few more folks!
Oct 31, 2005
Central Canada, eh?
Christmas in Florida eh?? Does that mean you have to go somewhere else and experience a real Christmas afterwards then??

Welcome back brother!! We are still on Skype now and then, so if you have time....
Nov 20, 2007
The hills and the hollers
AUBS! Congrats on all that has been going on with you lately!
and if you are on Skype...please keep your damn shirt on!

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