George Killian’s Irish Red

Jan 21, 2003
South Carolina
Even though I’m not much of a beer drinker, for St. Patrick’s Day I picked up some George Killian’s Irish Red to try out. I have to admit that it’s pretty good. In fact I’m having one right now. Has anyone else ever tried it?
Jan 22, 2003
Where you been? Hiding where? Killian's is always my beer of choice (among the more popular beers; there are others which are better, but they're harder to find). Great beer! :cheers:
Feb 4, 2003
Columbia, SC
That's the first beer I would drink. Now, I've hung out with enough good-ol-boys that I'll drink Bud Light (aka swill) and like it.
Feb 17, 2003
Columbus, Ohio
Yep, I have had Coors Irish, er Killians Irish Red before. Never caught on to the red beer thing. Not fond of it. Speaking of "red" beer. When I was working out in Kansas I would go to a local bar after work and they would always have a pitcher of tomato juice on the bar. I wondered what is was for until I saw people putting it their beer :shock: . Seems like a good waste of beer if you ask me.
Feb 19, 2003
Rockbridge County, Virginia

A number of years back, I spent a weekend in the area around Leadville, Col. On a Sat. Nite I went into town and was about to enter a large bar called the "Cowboy Bar", when I noticed a sign, right next to the cowboy bar, for an Irish Pub. I walked into the Irish Pub, and saw that it was just two different doors leading into the same bar. I walked up to the bar and asked for an Irish Beer and was rewarded with a bottle of Killians. Not Too bad, but it sure Ain't Guiness! :cheers:
Feb 10, 2003
Upstate NY
Fernando, How you been? The last shindig at our gun club they had a couple kegs of Killians Red. The response was favorable. A lot better than the traditional Bud. I kinda got hooked on the Guinness after Schmitts recommendation. Also, Nick left a few cases of it behind when he went off to school. :beer:

Lets drink a beer!
Jan 21, 2003
South Carolina
I've been well, Joe. Thanks for asking.

I've always said Schmit is a bad influence :mrgreen:
One time he picked up an oatmeal stout but I can't recall its name. It was darn good.

Schmit, where are you? What was that beer we used to get at the Red Oaks Mill Plaza?

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