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on page 36 of cigar.com's mail catalog there is a little article about preparing your cigars for the winter. Its more about the humidor but you get the point.

it has 3 steps.
1) clean and inspect your humidor for problems (mold, bugs, whatnot)
2) Seasoning your humidor. Most of us have a seasoned humidor. I just take the time to check for leaks or breaks in the seal
3) organize and amke sure you have enough humidity for the dry winter.
this step has something that I find important. put the non cellophaned cigars near the bottom. this will protect them more because the top cigars are handled more. (good advice for all year round)

this is a great article.

i have some steps to add.

4) if you plan to buy another humidor, NOW is the time to do it. this way it will take less time to season it. there will be no fighting against the dry air of the winter. (buy as big as you can)

5) Most of us cannot smoke indoors. (due to the law, or the wife, or the kids or whatever) secure a place to smoke. garages are nice with a good space heater. Get a portable fire pit for the back yard. find a smoke shop where the guys are good to talk to.

6) since indoor smoking is difficult for alot of us, this is the time of year that we stockpile more and more cigars. I reccomend you smoke a ton now so that when that great one day deal shows up in Febuary you will have room to put them in the humi. ...that or see step #4.

7) dont let the wife catch you smoking inside. get the smoke eating candles, air purifiers (i reccomend this one: http://www.oreck.com/air-purifiers/xl_a ... choice.cfm)
and stock up on fabreez.
seal off a room that is far away from the thermostat. (towel under the door...) light a smoke eating candle (or two), turn on the air purifier, turn on a good space heater, and put a window fan in your window.( this is a good one: http://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-HW-628- ... 65-1078417) Make sure that the rest of the window is sealed the best you can. the heater should keep you warm. the fan in the window will get most of the smoke. what smoke is left will get filtered by the air purifier or eaten by the candle.

when you are done dispose of the evidence and spry with frabreez. to complete the illusion, make sure to vaccuume the room. tell her you" cleaned up a bit"
good luck this winter. im rootin for ya!
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LOL... good advice kuzi. And for those of you lucky enough to live in the southwest, winter is finally on the way! This means we can finally enjoy a smoke outdoors without spontaneously combusting ourselves. It's been beautiful the last week or two during the evening. So nice to come in from a cigar and not be all sweaty.
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