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    My 1st cigars

    Just ordered some AVO Classic #2 Connecticut Toro. Anxious to receive them and begin my cigar smoking experience. Starting with a mild smoke thanks to some kindly suggestions from a couple of experienced cigar guys here on the forum. Eventually, I expect to get to the medium-full & the full...
  2. M

    1st Box of Smokes

    I finally got my first whole box of cigars :D a box of RP fire maduros. As i am taking them out of the celo so they can age a bit for the spring i noticed online in one that there was a hole in the wrapper not going past the binder just in the wrapper it looked like a bite whole from a...
  3. H

    1st Day back to work

    As some of you know, I got canned at my last job on June 14 (the short story is that the company went bankrupt). I was hired at Continental Tire in the corporate HQ and started on Tuesday. I think the new position will be a challenge, but I am really excited to get back to work! Anyway , thanks...
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    1st Sticks for my now 21 year old son?

    My oldest son just turned 21. He asked what stick I was going to give to try for his 1st. I have some cigar.com Cameroon (My breakfast stick, only have one let. Does anyone have any good suggestions on other good sticks for a first timer? All I have left are medium to full bodied. THX
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    1st Anniversary

    Well, yesterday, June 3rd, was my wife and I's first anniversary. I has been one helluva year in addition to being the best year of my life. Two great kids and a beautiful wife in 1 year, how can you go wrong? Couldn't decided what to buy the wife, so I figured out an alternative plan. She...
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    1st Anniversary

    Way off topic, but exciting to me anyway- This Sunday is mine and my wife's 1st Anniversary. Man, this first year has flown by. We're having a party Saturday to celebrate. Beerbutt Chicken, burgers, hotdogs and a Keg of Michelob Light. Last, but not least, will be the last of the Cohiba...
  7. D

    1st X-mas present

    We have a tradition in my family. On the 23rd of Dec, we get to open one present. We open the rest on X-mas eve. We leave X-mas for the kids. So today I open my first present from my wife. She got me Cigar Aficionado's Cigar Companion 2005 edition! I coudn't believe it! My wife, the one...
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    My 1st order!!

    Well I got my 1st order from cigar.com today, 3 days after ordering! 2- Oliva- Flor de Oliva, maduro, Churchill 1- CAO Gold Natural, Corona 1- Camacho Corojo, Cetros 1- Montecristo No. 3 natural 1- Padron 3000, maduro I had started lighting the Flor de Oliva (save the best for last)...