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    Big smokes

    I'm new to this site and I'll problem get hammered for this one a lot of smokers don't like big ring cigars but has any one tried Jr's big and beefy 7x70 iave went through several but I'd like any ones opinion on them also I bought a sampler of gurkas and one of those was absolute great but I...
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    Favorite big gauge smokes

    Hey everyone, so being new both to cigars and this forum, I'm putting a feeler out there to try and drum up a "to smoke" list. Rather than search through all the various threads where people mention their favorites here and there, I wanted to ask what some good sticks are for the big ring guys...
  3. F

    Chicago Big Smoke Cancelled!

    I just read that the new Illinois law forbidding a person to smoke in a private establishment has no exemptions. Therefore, the Big Smoke in Chicago has been cancelled. So much for freedom!
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    Las Vegas Big Smoke

    I will be going to the CA Big Smoke in Las Vegas in November. Attending the Friday night event. And attending the full schedule of seminars this year. Anyone else going to be in town?
  5. D

    Big thanks to a true BOTL HIGHPSI

    Just wanted to put it out there that he sent out a bunch of cigars for my noobness to get me going. A real good person, and even included an extra goodie just because he was delayed a bit. Thanks again man, and be sure the favor will be returned!!!
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    The Big 3-0

    Happy birthday, Brenda, enjoy your day.
  7. L

    Big Smoke NYC '07

    Anyone going to the CA Big Smoke NYC this year? I'll be at the evening session with a few people again.
  8. C

    Vegas Big Smoke

    well the big smoke weekend was a lot of fun. The seminars were great. I'll have a write-up of it soon. Twoputts and I met at Casa Fuente and hung out with Carlito and Pete Johnson of Tatuaje, among many other people... Thanks for the sangria twoputt! that was a good night...
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    Big Smoke Las Vegas

    I will be in Las Vegas and attending the Big Smoke event Friday night, 11/3. Hope to meet someone for a smoke, maybe a tour of Casa Fuente. First time at the event, so any advice would be more than welcome.
  10. B

    The Big Smoke

    If anyone else in interested in going, it's in NYC on November 21. Myself and some friends are getting tickets, and if anyone is interested in meeting up before the event for some adult beverages and smokes let me know. I believe we're doing the later of the two sessions on the day, November...
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    Big AL's B-day hook-up

    Well, as we conclude another anniversary of the day the earth was blessed with my presence. . .(as my lovely wife put it). :roll: :ehsmile: :shocked: :ek: :bigpuke: . . . I was delightfully surprised to see a package on my doorstep from I got my cigars of the month for...
  12. A

    Big Smoke Chicago

    Quick head count. Who is coming to the big smoke next week? We should try to get together.
  13. J

    oily Big ring maduros

    I am unloading a bunch of my cigars, most are big ring maduro cigars , some opus x and pam64 if you are interested contact me at There are about 103 all together. I have attached a spreadsheet of all the cigars.
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    Las Vegas Big Smoke 2006

    Anyone going to the Big Smoke in Vegas this year? I went to the first three in Vegas but haven't been back since.
  15. C

    Big Smoke Chicago April 18th

    Anyone planning on attending? I will be in Chicago the 18th and 19th, so if anyone wants to get together for a cigar and drink, let me know!! I am staying at the Hyatt, so no driving for me after the Big Smoke. Desantos, Mac, Thor?
  16. R

    Big Cigar Weekend!

    Well, this weekend is shaping up into a big smokefest. Tonite I'll be out with some friends and family for dinner, beer and cigars. Saturday is the annual Christmas tree shoot. (We take all of our trees, attach 1/4 sticks of dynamite for ornaments, and shoot at them with machine guns...
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    Change of Address for Big Paintbrush

    Attention to all my adoring fans and wonderful friends! :) Anyone currently sending mail and delicious care packages to my Meadowood Lane, Richmond address, please re-route all future mailings. They should now go to the Colonial Heights address (my office, btw). If for some...
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    I need to make some room for some new inventory. For one day only I am featuring the medium cabinet humidor, delivered to your door for $399.95 (almost half price) and I am taking $75.00 off each box of gurkha legend. FRIDAY ONLY FRIDAY ONLY FRIDAY ONLY We also have some great deals right...
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    Big Paintbrush is the MAN!

    Brother, You are, without a doubt, the coolest SOB I have had the pleasure of getting to know in quite some time. (Everyone on this forum runs a VERY CLOSE second!) That drawing of my buddy is OUTSTANDING! You are very talented indeed! I'm going to frame it and save it for him for when he...
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    big weekend

    oh man, this is gonna be a doozie... first of all my dad and his good buddy are coming down to do some camping in giant city, so i definatly have some time earmarked for one of those el cobres :D THEN, my good friend is moving out of town in a week, so hes having the big blowout on...