1. K

    Wine cellar tips

    Hello all, Hope most of you here love wine and some of you may be interested in preparing them in home. For wine lovers, here are some tips on how to store the prepared wine in a wine cellar ( http://www.lancastercustoms.com/blog/wine-cellar/tips-properly-storing-wine-cellar/ ). When I was a...
  2. Maximus64

    Gurkha Cellar Reserve

    I went to my local cigar shop, yesterday, to support the local economy and discuss the intricacies of humidifying in a West Texas winter. I purchased several cigars. Being a fan of Gurkha, I picked up a Cellar Reserve XO. I didn't let this one rest in my humidor. The draw was decent and I fired...
  3. T

    cigar and wine cellar

    Since CohibaSmoker made a great trade for my wife's TAA cigars, I wanted to post some pictues of my collection.