1. GrouchoM

    My city may hate good cheap cigars...maybe?

    This is for Houston based members (but would love to see if other areas can relate?) After receiving a Vegas 5 Gold as a good recomendation for a good inexpensive smoke. I thought I would definitely add this stick to my list of buys, but on further reflection I concluded that my B&M and most...
  2. J

    Cheap Starter Kit For Beginners!

    The Ultimate Beginner Cigar Kit is perfect for beginners, and we all have to start there at some point. I thought I would share this deal to those looking to get started. The kit has a 20 ct. humidor, cutter, lighter and five cigars. Right now it's on sale for $29.95 if you follow the link...
  3. T

    Cheap Humidors

    I was wondering if anyone on here ever orders from Cheap Humidors? I ordered a humi and got it, today. It was shipped just in the original box, no shipping box, or extra shipping materials to help protect it. I had two dents in the edge of the lid. I sent an email about returning it. Do they...
  4. T

    Cheap Humidor

    Not really cheap. But a scratch and dent from CI superstore with no shipping charge (but lots of re-packing) resulted in saving 50% off list price. Moved out of coolerdor and bought an Oasis XL Plus from through Amazon. After receiving the wrong unit twice, got apology from...
  5. A

    Hmm, cheap may NOT be terrible.

    Bought some Captain Black Gold today, smoked some while cooking. Not terrible, flavor was faint, but not bad. Couldn't get anything else, had to buy from Safeway.
  6. C

    Two Cusano cigars for real cheap.

    Don't know if anybody has seen this offer at their local cigar store but....My local has been getting bagged two packs of Cusano cigars for $6, bags vary but it's two cigars, one of each of the following: C10, Corojo 1997, Paired Maduro, and Paired Connecticut. Two great cigars for that...
  7. F

    good cheap wine

    Hi, I am a college student who enjoys cigars and wine a lot. I've found a few good moderately priced cigars, but I was wondering if any of you out there had some recommendations for good wine under $10-12.
  8. B

    Cheap beer poll

    If I had just a couple of bucks and really wanted a beer I'd probably get a High Life: The Champagne of Beers.
  9. B

    French Roast, really cheap?

    About 15 - 18 years ago I worked at a grocery warehouse that supplied the Bay Area eating establishments, with just about everything they needed to run their businesses. This company roasted a lot of tonnage of coffee beans from around the world, those sacks were quite heavy, about 150 lbs...
  10. Spider66

    Favorite everyday (cheap) cigar??

    I think this may have been covered in an older thread, but decided to ask anyway. I have my new desktop humi up and going,'s empty!!! :shock: this 75 count is sort of deep and has no lift out tray. I do not want to start filling it up with singles, so thought I would pick up a box of...
  11. G

    Isn’t it great to have cheap tastes!

    I just lit up a Cusano C2, you see cheap taste. No big deal I hear you say, however I live in the UK and therefore have easy access to many more expensive Cuban alternatives to my C2. In fact I have to Get the C2 shipped here and run the customs gauntlet with every order rather than simply smoke...
  12. R

    Some cheap cigars
  13. T

    Good Cheap Cigar

    I am looking for a good tasting medium-full cigar that will be around the 4 dollar mark for every day smoking. One of my favs so far is the Punch Rare Corojo but wonder what everyone else would choose as a good casual smoke. I figure if I can get the price under $4 each then i can enjoy and...
  14. M

    Cheap Humidors

    Does anyone have any experience with this guy: He doesn't carry ANYTHING that I normally smoke, didn't know if his stuff is on the up and up, or if it's junk.
  15. H

    A cheap cigar review... and a fishing report to boot

    The first thing I noticed were the swallows. Dozens of them. Diving out of the slate-gray day and skimming across the surface of the water. Sometimes only millimeters above the rushing river. From the bend upstream where the Colorado River turned toward us carrying water that, less than...