1. D

    white house petition to legalize cuban cigars Please help me get Cubans in your humidor. Take a minute and fallow the link to sign a petition to the White House.
  2. M

    Buy one Get one FREE Cuban Delights

    Today's Email Specials from: WWW.MDCIGARS.COM Carlos Torano Humidor Drawing on Dec 24th! this will make a super gift! These specials are good from December 8th to December 19th or while supplies last! Click on the link below to see the specials in HTML...
  3. C

    Cuban Brands Pronunciation Guide -

    Someone posted this on the HCF site - I thought a link would help a few people speak better cigar. :thumbsup: Cuban Brands Pronunciation Guide - Audio guide -link- 3 posts down.
  4. Fernando Coelho

    Current US Regulations Regarding Cuban Cigars

    Here is the most recent info from the US Department of Treasury regarding Cuban cigars… Here is what the US Department of Homeland Security says on this subject: We will post any and all updates as they come out.
  5. J

    Cuban cigars

    Just a general question from a real cigar novice.... can a person trust that Cuban cigars bought in Canada or Mexico are genuine Cuban cigars? A person can go online and find sources for them from lots of places but I'm just wondering about the authenticity of what they're offering for sale...
  6. PuFf

    Anyone try Cuban Crafters cigars?

    Just got their catalogue earlier this week but have never tried their cigars as was wondering if anybody has an opinion on them. I'm interested in their Cuban Crafters labels as well as the Don Kiki, Salazar, & Cupido Criollo brands. Any input would be helpful.
  7. A

    Cuban Imports

    Well, I went to an event at my local B&M for Cuban Imports. Al Argenti, one of the owners of the company was there promoting his cigars. Their cigars include the Exile Cigars, Por Larranaga Cuban Grade, H. Upmann Signature, and the El Rey Del Mundo Olvidados. I don't think I've ever had such a...
  8. P

    If you've tried the Corojo or Cuban label...

    How strong are they? I'm new to cigars, only had a monte no. 4, romeo y julieta Churchill [ love those, especially the size] and some cohibas, I had a Trinidad too and it was awful, tasted like cigarettes. question is, i love the house blend deals, 50 dollars for 20 churchill's of corojo or...
  9. T

    For sale legal Cuban cigars.

    For you pleasure a sealed box of Cuban cigars going to the highest bidder. This would fit right in with Barcochris's other recent purchase.
  10. V

    Don Pepin Cuban Classic

    This is my introduction to this Forum. I'm a Monthly Cigar Member, and wanted to give this great Cigar a quick review! This cigar only (out of 3 others I have) was a little veiny, and the wrapper was a bit dry (again, the others I have are not), but it lite up just fine. It starts out w/a...
  11. J

    Pre Embargo Cuban Sampler

    Has anyone tried these? From (Sampler Page) Thanks for the input!
  12. C

    Cuban Cigar Counterfeits case goes to trial

    Fake cigars become burning legal issue A case concerning fake Cuban cigars that goes to trial today in Miami federal court is likely to raise a host of controversial issues. Interesting read: ... ald_breaki ng_news
  13. G

    ISO Cuban and Cameroon Labels

    Any one have some of both? I have a variety of cigars to trade so lemme know what you prefer and I will put togeter a package for you. Lemme know!
  14. C

    The Cuban embargo is no more!!!

    Well not really but say it was, what would happen to the cigar industry? Would five million new cigar smokers appear out of nowhere just because Cubans were now a legal option? Would the Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran companies collapse? Would the Cuban companies be able to keep up with...
  15. M

    Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

    Has anyone tried this line yet??
  16. elidog Cuban Label

    I've got a sampler of these on the way. Would anyone here venture to offer any comparisons of this cigar to another they have smoked? I'm looking forward to trying them.
  17. C

    Question about Cuban wrappers

    I have had very little experience with Cubans but one thing I have noticed is the wrapper is just referred to as Cuban. Non-Cubans are often described by wrapper type such as maduro, Cameroon, crojo, sun-grown, shade-grown, etc. Is this not the case with Cuban cigars? Are all Cuban wrappers...
  18. D

    Discussion of Rules about Cuban Cigars

  19. M

    Question For Cuban Smokers

    I have been eyeing the H Upmann Coronas Major Tubes and the Hoyo Coronations tubes. They seem unusually less expensive. Are they machine made or something????
  20. C Cuban Label

    I would like to try the Cuban label. If anyone would be willing to trade a few let me know. I've got some Montecristo Afrique, Romeo y Julieta Bully, and Padron Ambassador I would trade, or if you like something else let me know.