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    For Sale: High End Aristocrat DX Cigar Mahogany Cabinet Humidor

    MADE IN USA!! ARISTOCRAT DX Cigar Humidor Cabinet Mahogany Glass Top 33" X 25" 22" USA $785.00 Excellent condition downsizing and selling. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina. As good as it gets. Made by ARISTOCRAT the DX Cabinet Humidor with Glass Top/Wood Edge. Mahogany with Crotch Mahogany...
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    end of tobacco?

    is this bill the end of tobacco? Taxes are going to triple in the next two years, then continue to go up until the industry is killed.
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    Paron Anniversary 64. did the world come to an end

    What's up with Padron is the 64 series done or fading fast? This does not look good, I mean really, what's next, chocolate chip cookies?
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    The beginning of the end??

    May be worth following over the next few weeks: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14126537/
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    The box buys to end all box buys

    I'm planning on doing a big box buy on April 1. That way anyone who is interested can save up. PM me for more information.
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    A Short, General Year End Review Of Forum Policies. . . .

    Some people like chocolate. Some people like vanilla. Some people like strawberry. Some people like banana low fat. And some like more than one, or even all. The inference should be clear. There are many "ball games" being played on the internet, and hence, many stadiums. One...
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    What is at the end of the Rainbow?

    a pot, but not of gold!