1. phisherman

    New best friend Click and ship. Once you sign up, its so easy. No more stops to the post office. I suggest trying it if you have not yet.
  2. K

    i want to buy a friend cigars

    Hi Everyone I want to buy a friend cigars as a present, and i want to impress him big time. my budget is $100. what can i buy for him?. he likes cigars very much. Any advise Thank you kik
  3. C

    So my friend is having a baby and I'm in charge of cigars...

    I'm not looking to ask the obvious question of what cigars to get for the occasion, but of course I'll listen to any suggestions. The father to be wants to have each cigar in some sort of metal carrying case with the possibilty of having them all engraved. Has anyone ever seen a nice metal...
  4. B

    My friend's adventure

    I received the following images from a friend of mine, living abroad. Some of you may remember me mentioning his cigar adventures in the past. I thought you might want to see some of his new cigars, these are Partagas Series P No.2? I thought CC might like to look at these...
  5. R

    Speech my friend gave to a school on Veterans Day.

    I thought you would all like to read this. I have one opportunity to get my message across to you today -Now I am aware that some of you are here only because it’s an assembly -Some of you are listening, but thinking of what you are going to do right after this -And some are here truly...
  6. M

    Hello Old Friend

    Just smoked my first Diploma in weeks. Damn sinus alergies. Anyway, the burn was horrible, but the falvor as usual was second to none. That is one stinky cigar, and I love it. I smoked it outside and when I came back in side the wifey sent be back outside because I reeeked of diploma. I...
  7. R

    Can someone help me? Trying to choose cigar for friend

    hey, the guy i'm buying a cigar for has only had like the white owl cigars. Definately time to move on to bigger and better things. I really have no idea what he would and wouldn't like. What about the Romeo y Julieta?
  8. R

    Do a friend a favor...give them the hiccups.

    Off the top of my head this morning... I was contemplating what I'm going to smoke this weekend on the drive to work. (prolly because I had a dream about cigars last the same dreams :D ). I happened to think about a couple of Fuente's I gave...
  9. B

    friend thinks hes funny

    so tonight i decide to go out for a smoke, and after some browsing the humidors i go with a cigar that was part of recent trade with a best friend from high school. I was looking forward to smoking this Dunhill because i can't remember the last time i had one. So i pull the label off carefully...
  10. B

    When A Friend Twists Your Arm. . . .

    :D So, Hollow Point a/k/a Scotchland Yard's Whiskey Dogg Detective is telling me I have to get the Old Rip Van Winkle 15 year old 107 proof bourbon. Now folks, you know how much I love bourbon, but we're into late June here, and the fact that I'm drinking any bourbon or rye at all is...