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    Bush OKs child health program extension ... n_s_health anyone got any more detailed info? it hinted that there was not a tobacco tax increase (it didnt out and out SAY it though) but gave no info on where the money was comming from.
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    More bad news, NOT HEALTH RELATED

    I just got done remodeling the living room of my home and the dining room. It was a lot of work, kept me very busy. I'm just getting some spare time to catch up on some reading and posting. I read a certain news letter today about how Florida and louisiana are trying to go after people who...
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    Cigars vs. Cigarettes - Health Analysis

    Hello, I'm very curious about the health comparisons of cigarettes vs. cigars. I understand cigarettes have higher amounts of nicotine, and certainly more additives and chemicals. We all know cigarettes can give heart disease or lung cancer. However, cigars are generally smoked using...
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    Health Risks/Stories

    So how many cigars can one smoke and still be reletively healthy, or should I say not really risk health? I have heard one stick a day shouldn't have any effect but I still wonder though, I always get paranoid when Habitually smoke anywhere from 3-8 sticks a day/night. Any long time smokers...