1. Dustinl

    Very important!!! Please read!!!

    Look folks, I'm not a bad guy. Im not trying to rule with an iron fist. I do however want to manage in a way that pleases all the members. We Don't mind vendors on here. All I ask is that you please follow the guidelines and get permission from either myself or Lash before you post. That's...
  2. elidog


    Come on guys we really need to band together and speak out. We are getting closer and closer to seeing our beloved cigars disappear under the weight of an over zealous federal government. The big issue we face right now is the potential ridiculous over taxation of tobacco products to fund The...
  3. C

    How important is temperature?

    So is how important is temperature in the humidor? I know not to get it above 80 degrees or the little larvae will kill my sticks, but is it ok if it gets down to 66 or 68 degrees as long as my humidity is in the 65 to 68% range? Thanks for the help, Cutter
  4. T

    Important cigar sites.

    Well im in the process of planning my trip to Key West for my buddies wedding. Was wondering if anybody knew of any highlights of the cigar world that will be on my way. I posted a map of my route probably comin back through Jacksonville thou. I need to meet up with some of you Florida guys...
  5. A

    Important Announcment From

    Dear Customers, I am proud to announce that the very first print Catalog is making its way into the mail. These babies look AMAZING. We will start including them with every order and a select portion of our mailing list will be getting the first issue in their mailbox. It is...
  6. B

    How important is fresh air to cigars?

    I moved to VA at the end of August but had to leave my humidor at my parents house because it wouldn't fit in my car and I haven't had a chance to go home and retrieve it, but my parent's are going to bring it up when they visit for Thanksgiving. The problem is, the humidor probably hasn't been...
  7. A


    Hey Folks, It has come to my attention that some people who ordered the New El Doble Size of Rare Corojo did not get them in their individual coffin boxes. If this is the case and you wanted the coffin box, please contact customer service so that you can be shipped replacement boxes. Thanks...