1. H

    Torch Lighter query.

    I just purchased a Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter . My question is; can the flame be adjusted? I was sitting on my front porch ans when I lit the torch, it set the neighbors palm tree on fire. (slight exaggeration). :rolleyes:
  2. GrouchoM

    Can you id this table top lighter?

    I've never seen this table top lighter? Any one knows the make, model and price?
  3. B

    Cool looking Gold Bar Lighter FREE it is up just for today Shipping is $4.75 :thumbsup:
  4. Bikeman

    Lighter Choice

    I have become a firm believer in soft flame lighters. I mean, I like my torch for touching up, but for a slow warm up, and gentle light, there is nothing that beats a Zippo. Torches just don't seem to last, something always seems to go wrong with them no matter how much you spend. With a...
  5. D

    lighter policy on airlines

    hey I/m too lazy to search for thread on restriction on taking lighters on airlines so was wondering what is the current policy on bringing lighers like zippo on flights. if anyone knows, appreciate any info.
  6. E

    Anyone used the new Zippo Blu lighter?

    I have seen it advertised and I was looking at it at Big Smoke and it was really nice looking. Has anyone used this lighter? What is your thoughts on it?
  7. L

    Z Plus Torch Flame Lighter Insert

    I just ordered a "Z Plus Torch Flame Lighter Insert" off Ebay today for $11 after shipping and was wondering if anyone here has one or has tried one. I thought for $11 it was worth a shot and if it allows me to revive my beautiful Zippo it would be well worth it. Here is a pretty good...
  8. R

    Colibri lighter

    I know what every one thinks about Colibri lighters(torch,electro models),but what about their flint lighters if any one has one or owned one please give me some feedback. Ive got Dupont taste with a Zippo budget the Colibri looks like it would give me the look with out dropping $500 on a lighter
  9. R

    Nibo lighter

    Any feedback on them would be great I was looking at the roller type not sure of what they call it. Looks like a fake Dupont. Just wondering about the quality
  10. A

    Best Lighter Ever

    I know, I know, this is going to sound like a shameless plug coming from me, but if you are anything like myself, you have had your fair share of lighter issues. By design, lighters are difficult things to own. You cant travel with them, if you dont keep using them the o rings crack and they...
  11. E

    Flame/torch lighter

    I read the sticky earlier about what to use lighting cigars. My question is what is the difference? I know it has something to do with the taste and chemicals. But is it really that big of a deal if you just toast the end of the lighter(fire not touching the foot of course) with a flame? Why...
  12. A

    Cigar Lighter and Cruises

    Hey, I know TSA is still twitchy about cigar lighters on aircraft, but what about passenger ships. As stated earlier, wife and I are headed around the Gulf of Mexico this Summer and I've got a Colibri triple flame that I love but cannot take the risk of losing. thanx -D
  13. B

    Looking for a good butane flame lighter

    Like the title suggests, I'm looking for a good, decently priced, butane flame (not torch) lighter. Everywhere I look has the torch lighters but no flame lighters. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. T


    Need a cigar lighter. What should I get? Single flame triple flame ? Ideas? Travis
  15. I

    Z-Plus insert lighter question

    I know a few of you have the Z-Plus insert for your Zippos and some of you have a quite a few Zippos. Does anyboby know if the Z-Plus fits in the 1941 replicas?
  16. elidog

    New Lighter

    Picked up a new Vector Orione dual torch lighter today. I threw my colibri into the woods this morning...I will never purchase another colibri product as long as I live. From day one that thing gave me trouble. Anyway this thing is beautiful and it works, yeah, imagine that!
  17. C

    Time for a new lighter

    I was ridiculed by a relative (catmechanic) this weekend for using a disposable to light my RP '92 after cutting it with my Xikar Titanium. I have two cheap torch lighters but they are both crap. One looks like it belongs in a Star Trek episode and the other has flashing lights and may have...
  18. C

    Favorite Lighter

    Hey guys, I am thinking of picking up a new lighter, and was wondering which one was the favorite of the Amback Mooches. I have a Prometheus single torch butane lighter, and I have been underwhelmed at it's performance. Unless I keep it near the lowest flame setting it torches up and will...
  19. M

    Lighter problem

    I have a Prometheus Parabola lighter and was wondering if anyone else has a problem with lighters crapping out in cold weather?? It seems that below 40 degrees the lighter wont work after a period of time outside.
  20. R

    can I put a butane lighter in my suitcase on the airplane?

    I am taking a trip to Miami and wanted to know the above. blazer lighter. Thanks Martin