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    Uncle Beanz Puerto Rican Mountain Grown. . . .

    A rich, powerful aroma booms from the bottom of the French Press after grinding, mostly unsweetened dark chocolate with a hint of milk chocolate. While brewing in the French Press, it takes on the smell of sweetened dark chocolate covered nuts. On the palate, while hot, you are greeted by rich...
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    Brokeback Mountain Sequel (pg-rated)

    Howard Stern will do a great job with this
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    Did the hurricanes destroy Jamaican Blue Mountain Crop?

    OK, now you've done it! I bought the Press Pot. I bought the burr grinder. I bought a small amount of Jamaican Blue Mountain what's-its-name Estate coffee. (I told the clerk I couldn't believe I was buying $40 a pound coffee.) I had it for breakfast this morning. Great stuff...