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    Uncle Beanz Santa Rita Natural. . . .

    A sharp aroma after grinding, rich and very pungent, aromas which separate only in to what I can best describe as unsweetened milk chocolate, habanero salsa and a hint of steamed broccoli. It's pretty much the same drinking it, very pungent, and a flavor profile which smacks of steak with mole...
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    Baccarat Sumatra Toro Natural

    I got about 70 of these smokes for a pretty good price. I confused them with another Baccarat. So, even those these aren't bad...they aren't my cup of tea. If your interested, pm me with what you have in mind.
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    New smoker looking for natural flavored cigars

    As the subject line indicates, I'm not to smoking all together and enjoying smoking cigars. However, I'm kind've turned off by some of the strong flavors. I'm just looking for something that's flavorless or just tastes like tabacoo and nothing else. But I'd like something expensive that's...
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    Lunica #200 natural aternative ?

    My cigar of choice is the Lunica #200.It is out of stock every where. Besides Macanudo,what are some other suggestions to try ? Must be a natural .
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    Natural and Maduro....Montnoir

    Montnoir, I saw this in another thread you had posted.... "They say in a fuller body cigar (one that is usually a maduro), the wrapper has been 'cooked' many times and will not age properly or something." Natural and Maduro wrappers don't really contribute to the "strength" or "Power"...
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    diploma maduro or natural?

    can some one post some pics of the natural and the maduro diploma? i got my order today but i think i got maduro diplomas instead of natural, they seem a lot darker than i remember, i just want to make sure im not mistaken. on second inspection in better light, im sure they are maduro. they...