1. C

    Pairing an Oliva Serie V Melanio with a Hendrick's Gin and Tonic

    General question: Has anyone tried this pairing before? I've typically paired the Oliva with a cold iced tea on a hot summer afternoon. Do you feel like you would be losing the notes of a great dessert stick if you're combining them with a great gin which will definitely have a bitterness to it...
  2. T

    Oliva Cain?

    Which pairs better with it? Absolut or Jack Daniels?
  3. T

    Oliva Cain?

    Which goes better with it? Absolut or Jack Daniels?
  4. PuFf

    Oliva Master Blends 2

    Has anybody ever tried these? I just found a small stash of 10 at a local B&M. I was gonna buy all of them but then figured I'd be out $100 if they tasted like crap. So I bought half of them instead! Anyhow I'd like to hear how these are. CCOM has the 1 & 3 but this is the first time I've seen...
  5. Bikeman

    Flor De Oliva Maduro

    Last night we were discussing this cigar, and I promised to smoke one, and then start this review thread on it. This is a 5 x 54 cigar with all long filler Nicaraguan filler and an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper. Appearance was nearly flawless, with a few small veins, and a very nice cap. They...
  6. F

    Oliva Master Blend III

    Has anyone tried this cigar yet? I enjoy the Series O and thr O maduros. I'm thinking about buying a boxor the MB III's but was wondering if anyone had tried the robustos or double robustos and had a review. :?
  7. C

    Oliva series G

    Let me start by saying I never judge anything the first try. This is my secon of these and I feel they are aweful. I smoke the first one after i had it in my humi for approx 3 weeks, didn't like it. Thought I would let the second one sit for 2 months, realy no better. The burn was pretty goood...
  8. PuFf

    Flor de Oliva

    Let me start by saying I really like the Oliva Serie G and Serie O cigars. They tend to be my pool shooting cigar. I was hoping that the Flor de Oliva would be a cheaper alternative to the higher priced Olivas (not expensive mind you, just higher priced) but sadly they're not. I was very...
  9. C

    Flor de Oliva Deal

    I found a great one-day deal on Flor de Oliva. Send me a PM for the link.
  10. Doc-T

    Angel 100 by Oliva. Anyone tried this?

    Angel 100 by Oliva, which is made by 100% Oliva grown tobacco. To be sold only during 2006. Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Angel Oliva. Medium-Full bodied sticks. Anyone ever tried one of these?
  11. S

    Flor de Oliva

    Has anyone tried these? I was thinking specifically of the Flor de Oliva Gold (with the Connecticut wrapper). They seem pretty inexpensive, just wondered if they are any good.
  12. A

    oliva and flor de oliva

    is there a relation between the two companies? or is the name a coincidence?
  13. A

    oliva master blends

    any one want to split a box?
  14. C

    10 x 66 Flor De Oliva!

    I had to smoke this as soon as I saw it!! I don't know who smokes these things seriously, It was huge!!
  15. N

    Oliva Cigars

    Macallan, Cigarsmoka, Cian and all my other forum friends have helped me toward my quest to find a better cigar. I'm becoming a better cirar person because of their threads. I just tried a Oliva "O" Maduro Ole 4.75X50. Chocolate, toasted almonds with an orange finish. Taste 10. All other...
  16. N

    Oliva Family

    I researched the Oliva family, and was so impressed that I visited my local cigar merchant and bought one " O" Maduro Orion 7x54.This boy was $10 and my merchant stated" Let it rest- not long" It's been about six weeks. I just finished it as Tiger and DiMarco finished the 4th hole at The...
  17. T

    Flor de Oliva Corojo cigars!

    These are brand spankin' new! So new that most places don't have them yet. If you're a fan of Oliva's other cigars, these will most likely NOT dissapoint either! I contacted rockyscigars.com yesterday and they should have some in a week or 10 days. Check their site if interested.