1. S

    Job pipe

    Hi guys I'm curious to know your opinions on this Job pipe. As you can see from the pictures is a "smoke cigar" pipe
  2. S

    Primarily a pipe smoker...

    ...However, I do enjoy a cigar every now and again. I joined to gain a bit more insight, read some reviews, and possibly get suggestions on good smokes. That is, when I can splurge and buy a few tasty stogies. I am active duty Air Force, originally from Milwaukee, and am currently stationed in...
  3. T

    Sutliff Private Stock Black Swan pipe tobacco

    Anyone try it ? Sounds like a really good premium black cavendish tobacco-saw it on CB auction but it went higher than I was willing.
  4. E

    Pipe Tobacco Review: Carter Hall

    I received a "luxury pouch" of this today in the mail and decided it would be as good a time as any to write a short review. The tobacco itself is cut fairly small and is a yellowish, tan color. The tobacco has a faint syrup-y aroma with a hint of honeydew melon. It is adequately humidified in...
  5. E

    Getting Started-Part 2: Pipe Tobacco

    This is the second part to the pipe tutorial and will detail different types of tobacco and pipe tobacco blends. VIRGINIA This first type of pipe tobacco is a favorite among many cigar and pipe smokers alike. Virginia tobacco tends to be lighter in color, and ranges from yellow to tan, to a...
  6. E

    Getting Started-Part 1: Choosing a Pipe

    In this thread I will introduce you to the different types of pipes out there, and give some helpful tips of what you may want to purchase if just starting out. We begin with the most common pipes found in this hobby: the Briar Pipe. Briar Pipes Briar pipes are machine and hand made...
  7. E

    Pipe Tobacco Review: MacBaren Plumcake

    Mac Baren Plumcake Don't let the name fool you! This isn't just a sickeningly sweet blend- this is rather a misnomer for a hearty, robust blend. INITIAL REVIEW: Tin Aroma: Latakia with a sweet rum and slight saltiness. Smoked two bowls, one that was right of out tin and one...
  8. D

    Anyone up for a pipe tobacco blind taste test?

    I'm back from the pipe show in Columbus and have a bunch of pipe tobacco that I would be willing to send folks for a blind taste test. Same as Barcochris did a while back. Let me know here and, if we get enough folks, I'll put it together. DaninDayton ilurkalot
  9. C

    New to the pipe

    Hello. I recently, upon turning 18, picked up the pipe. Around here where I live, I am mostly limited to drugstore blends and pipes. I have a collection of cheapo Dr. Grabows and corncobbs. I like them fine but am looking to move up to something better. Can anyone reccomend a nice brand of...
  10. B

    the cost of pipe smoking

    this is a post for Joseph at the Smokers Forum. copied with his permission. The Cost of Pipe Smoking I started smoking a pipe after many years of occassional cigar smoking. Although I still enjoy a cigar from time to time, I find myself drawn more to my pipes recently for a number of...
  11. B

    Basic Pipe Information

    Tons of Information here Pipedia Tobacco Review C&D Great for samples and just talking to. Pipes and Cigars SmokingPipes 4noggins Mars cigars and pipes Pufferspipes Frenchys Smokers Haven Blending Information G.L. Pease
  12. B

    A new pipe for me

    Well I have been into pipe smoking for a bit now. and all the pipes I have bought have been Machine made ie peterson, sav and what not or if they were carved they were stock shapes. I finally decided to commission a pipe made just for me. I did not quite want a nose warmer but something on the...
  13. B

    Forum Pipe,,, Any interest?

    I have come across a few carvers a couple in particular. So I was wondering if there is enough interest in doing a forum pipe. a pipe that would be just made for us, one size and finish. What do you all think? What Price point would we be looking at? I am thinking we could get a real nice...
  14. B

    New Pipe

    I picked this up unsmoked from a feller that thought it to small. I love it. It is by far one of the top pipes I own. Link
  15. SpecialEd

    Pipe Smoking 101?

    Filters, yea or nay? Do you break in a new pipe by smoking progressively larger bowls? How hot should the outside of the bowl get? Bubbling/blistering of the finish on the outside of the bowl is caused by what exactly? (I know it's too hot but...) How long does your average bowl last...
  16. A

    Pipe tool, oddball question

    This may sound odd, but is there a pipe tool made of either high heat plastic or wood, one made of something other than metal? My job gets a little leery of "extra" metal tools coming in the jobsite, wondering if such a thing exists. Thank you.
  17. H

    can dry pipe tobacco be...re-humdified?

    i have a bunch from c&d but it is drying out. suggestions?
  18. B

    A new pipe for me

    [attachment=1:n1mfmrm5]Full view.jpg[/attachment:n1mfmrm5] [attachment=0:n1mfmrm5]Right.jpg[/attachment:n1mfmrm5] the carver was me. It was a lot of fun to make this pipe. I have a bout five hours making this. I really only used a dremel and a file. Then sand sand sand. I really like the...
  19. M

    Pipe Tobacco

    Heres a post from the cigar.com forum from the other night some of you guys have already seen it and thanks for your help. Where do you guys order your pipe tobacco? It doesnt need to be the best deals but on the cheaper side would be nice. I am looking for a good site that is secure like...
  20. rmrdaddy

    New Pipe for The Daddy as well!!!

    Well, The Mrs. sure did surprise me. Sneaky thing that she is went to Holt's before work yesterday. I had no freakin' idea.... Peterson House Pipe, X61, Sterling Band, P-lip mouthpiece....