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    Humidity Problem

    No surprise here, someone with a humidity problem! Well I have a humidor (20, filled), it was properly seasoned, I have a digital hygrometer, and not one but TWO 72 Boveda packs due to the low humidity. Granted, I'm sure the weather has something to do with it, but with the temp at a steady...
  2. C

    Humidity Problem!

    I just got my 100 count class top humidor and seasoned it. Placed my humicare humidity jar in with only about 10 cigars I got. My hygrometer at first read 70% which I was happy about but since then every day after the humidity drops about 1% and now it is down to 57%. How do I fix this problem?
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    Weird Humidor problem need expert help

    I recently was in the market for a bigger humidor and I bought a new Adorini chianti medium deluxe humidor. Heard good things, it was in my price range , sharp looking , and I heard that the adorini analog hygrometer was very good as well. I order it it comes from Europe to Boston, MA in 4 days...
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    Major cigar problem PLEASE HELP

    First a little back story, I have enjoyed cigars off and on for around 20 years without knowing much about them ( a cigar was a cigar right ). Over the last five years I have started to get two to three cigars at a time, smoking them within a couple of days, nothing fancy, most would call...
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    Possible beetle problem

    I've been lurking these forums for a while now. I've never really had a reason to post, but recent events have caused me come out of the digital shadows and get some advice... Not even an hour has passed since I saw what looked like a tobacco beetle walking along my computer desk. I was...
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    My humi is at 65 degrees and 70 humidity. I have noticed over the past week a few cigars have come unraveled when I smoke them. Just the wrapper seem to come loose not all just a few. Is this the cigar or do I need to adjust something??
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    possible humidor problem

    okay so i have had my humidor for about a month now when i first got it i filled the humidifier device, very lightly wiped down the interior of the humidor with distilled water and did the salt test and calibrated my analog hygrometer,and left a single shot glass to "season" the wood for 6 days...
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    My small problem

    I've been on the recieveing end of some hugely generous trades and PIF's recently. I'm also having some minor storage issues (the cigars won't shrink to fit in my humis). What can I do to give back to a fellow BOTL and address my storage problem??? Run a contest!!!! Here it is, nice and...
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    Problem with a cigar

    Ok, some people know I've had some problems with my humidor. I smoked a Cameroon tonight. Even burn, good draw, started smoking fine. Somewhere in the middle, it got SOUR, and metallic...REALLY fast....really gross. Eventually, near the end it started getting good again. Also, the other...
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    Hello my name is Stickman...and I have a problem

    I pulled the trigger on this baby...its sitting out in my truck waiting for some freinds to come over and help me unload it drove down to Hollywood Fl today (65 miles) for my early bd present got it at Premium humidors ... 1D6D9F1B38...
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    Humidor Problem

    So, I was given a new humidor a couple of months back and it's a very nice model which holds about 300-400. However, the seal around the lid is's very lose. There is a 'thunk' when the lid is closed...not a 'whoosh.' So, I tried some very thin window/door seal, but it turned out...
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    Bead problem...

    All right.... What's the deal with these things? How often am I supposed to "recharge" them? Right now I'm having to do it every 7 or 8 days! I know I'm not doing anything wrong because it says on their website to spray them whenever they turn white. Now, I'm not jumping the gun...
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    Serious Bourbon Problem

    It looks like I may be in Louisville 19 - 22 June, for some trainning. My problem is I will have no one to drink Bourbon and smoke cigars with. Woe is me ! Can any one help ?
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    Problem with shipped cigars.

    Has anyone ever had a problem with cigars they bought online? Today I received one of my many recent purchases from an online cigar auction site. When I opened the package, I immediately could see the damage to the cigars. Four out of the five cigars were damaged; not only were the cigars...
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    Lighter problem

    I have a Prometheus Parabola lighter and was wondering if anyone else has a problem with lighters crapping out in cold weather?? It seems that below 40 degrees the lighter wont work after a period of time outside.
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    Can anyone identify the problem I have?

    So this first pic things are looking good right? All of my accessories finally arrived, the humidor's charged up. :thumbsup: But this second pic should show the true horror of my situation :boohoo:
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    Humidor problem...

    I've recently noticed that my humidor RH is dropping. I've read where this is the time of year that it will do it but this is a relatively new humidor with a good supply of PPG and distilled water. My humidor went from 69% to 63% in about two weeks. The temp has fallen in the basement as well...
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    Update on my "if you don't have a humidor" problem

    My humidor arrived today from JR and I'm now in the process of getting it ready. The digital hygrometer is having the salt test done as we speak. I've got the PPG in the humidifiers (the humidor came with two of them) and they're in the humidor. I'll wait until the RH reads, I'm guessing 70 +/-...
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    I always seem to have a problem with . . .

    single barrel bourbons. They usually seem somewhat muted in flavor and one dimensional. I know that consistency is deemed an important constituent, and I know that taste tester's who pick out certain barrels for their uniqueness are looking for certain qualities of refinement, such as...