1. R

    Monte Cristo White question

    I am quite fond of the above cigars, but they have got really expensive, $10 ea, and I have not found a good replacement. They have an unusual flavor, which my supplier says is "cream and hazelnuts and vanilla" My other favorite is an aged Upman gold Banker, but they are hard to find and also...
  2. M

    Question about storage and....

    Hi guys I have a quick Question about storage and the ceder wood you get in the tubes, I am making a humidor Tub thing with the Sestima clip lid tubs and the Bovida 2 way humidity packs but I want to ask you fine gentlemen if I am right thinking.... Can I put the ceder wood I get in tubes...
  3. S

    butane question

    I am new to the cigar world. Several friends are cigar smokers so I have started trying a few. I purchased a Torch Scorch butane lighter for $14 online. My question is about which brand of butane to use. From what I have read, the triple filtered or higher is the best to get. Are these higher...
  4. T

    Did you sign a restrictive contract for Opus and other cigars from suppliers?

    Do you have to sign a restrictive contract to get Opus and a few other cigars from suppliers ?
  5. O

    Newbie with a question

    Hello to all my cigar smokers up here (old and new). I have question, I have a 300 ct. Humidor, the end table type. I would like to know whats the best option to humidify this thing. Is it better to get an electric humidifier or the beads? If I get the beads how many humidifier bars should I put...
  6. G

    Cigar wrapper question.

    I'm new to the hobby and have been enjoying a lot of imported cigars from my local cigar shop. However lately I have been Getting nasty reactions to the wheat gluten in some of the wrappers and I know that most cigar makers use a vegetable wheaty glue for the wrapper and this is a problem for me...
  7. M

    Salt test question please help

    I recently bought a humi care digital hygrometer. I have an analog one now but wanted to make sure it was reading correctly as I hear that digital is the way to go. After letting my new digital sit for 24 hours( salt test ) it reads 63%. When I caliberated my analog it read 79% after 24 hours...
  8. M

    Just a quick question

    why dont we all post pics of what were smoking? im new :) so im just curious what all these cigars you guys talk about look like :)
  9. tapout

    Humidor question

    Hi guys i just bought my first humidor on ebay for 78 bucks looks great but it dont seal to good on the top right side and the middle seems like it has a little gap around the wood what can i do and ur thoughts thanks
  10. R

    Another Newbie Question

    OK I have read some of you talking about Padron cigars, my question is which one/type would you recommend, I am always looking for new smokes and after doing some looking I would like to give them a shot, I was more into the mild/medium cigars for a bit but am finding that I like the full side...
  11. A

    An oops gives rise to a question

    I was on my way to work last week, when I realized I did not have my little bent pipe in my pocket. Well, I wasn't about to go all night without a smoke, so I stopped by a Walgreens all night drugstore, and bought the only thing they had, a Dr Grabow Grand Duke billiards style. I bought it, and...
  12. A

    Pipe tool, oddball question

    This may sound odd, but is there a pipe tool made of either high heat plastic or wood, one made of something other than metal? My job gets a little leery of "extra" metal tools coming in the jobsite, wondering if such a thing exists. Thank you.
  13. A

    Weird question

    Does anyone here with a bent pipe, enjoy sitting outside at night, watching the embers curl and burn in the dark? I do with my bent apple, when I go outside at night for my good night smoke and beer. Just a weird question.
  14. H

    The number one question...

    Ok...remember the forum rules.. 1) There will be no vendor discussion allowed on the open forum. 2) There will be no price discussion on the open forum. 3) Please do not ask "were can I get XXX Cigar" one it will go against forum policy and two it is bad form. Following these rules... What...
  15. S

    Humidity Question

    I know that there are alot of humidity questions going around, and I have one more to add. I have a 150 ct humidor that has been seasoned properly. My hygrometer was salt tested and is off by 11%, so I compensate by adding 11% to the reading. My compensated humidity is holding consistantly at...
  16. R

    Active humidity question...

    I picked up a Hydra Electronic Humidifier and I'm curious where some suggested places to put it in a cabinet humdior. Top? Bottom? Middle? I'm using it with some beads as well. David
  17. A

    newb question cellophane sticks in humi

    i purchased a humi and 30 or so single sticks. should i keep the cigars in their cellophane wrapper inside the humi or should i remove the cellophane wrapper when i put them in the humidor? oh, i have salt calibrated my hydrometer and seasoned my humidor to a stable 68-72 rh
  18. A


    When I smoke, and misture builds upto make the bubbling sound, is this indicative of a good fresh tobacco? Doesn't bother me at all, just curious.
  19. S

    Shaggy foot question

    This might be a dumb question, but is there a proper or best way to light a shaggy foot cigar? I haven't tried on yet, but I have some on the way, and was just wondering if there was anything different i should do to get off on the right foot.
  20. K

    quick question...

    how long can a tin of pipe tobacco stay fresh if its been opened but has the lid back on it with a water pillow inside? any guesses/thoughts? i just found one with that exact situation thats gotta be at least 6-8 months old. ... the pillow is still wet and there are no signs of...