1. G

    Behike 54's for sale

    I'm based in London, have a box of Behike 54's, wasted on me. Bought as an intended gift from a reputable dealer in Switzerland. Any advice on how I go about selling these? And what price I may expect to get? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. P

    For Sale: For sale: Ratzillas and Pappy Van Winkle Cigars

    6 boxes Ratzilla - $230/box 1 Pappy/Drew Churchill- 230 Robusto-210 Toro- 220
  3. R

    For Sale: Humidor for sale

  4. J

    Thurman Thomas cigars on sale!

    Hey guys, is having a special going on right now on their Thurman Thomas 5 packs. Buy one at $21, receive the second for free. Follow the link above for more information. They have received great reviews! Give them a try!
  5. S

    Humidor for sale " My fathers cigars"

    Magnificently designed Limited Edition Humidor by Pepin Garcia to showcase a rare selection of his My Fathers Cigars and son Jaime Garcia Cigars. This unique and highly collectable cigars humidor, of which only 300 will be made. NO CIGARS HUMIDOR ONLY. Never used. $500 Email me for pics...
  6. B128thopen

    Cigarmony Sale! ... ategory=80 Ran across this sale today. Thought I would share.
  7. T

    For sale legal Cuban cigars.

    For you pleasure a sealed box of Cuban cigars going to the highest bidder. This would fit right in with Barcochris's other recent purchase.
  8. Bikeman

    Ebay sale of the week!

    Here is something I came across this week. Personally, if I had the money I would buy it in a New York minute. ... dZViewItem Bid high, and bid fast, it won't last!!
  9. C

    Cigars for sale

    Well guys, it finally happened. The wife wants a new kitchen, and unless I can clone myself and operate twice as much, I need some cash. Since my cigar collection is the most disposable asset at present it has to go. PM me for details.
  10. C

    A few Boxes for sale

    2 boxes of Don Carlos #2 1 box of Best Sellers 1 Don Carlos X-mas gift set 1 Box of King Bee all are close to MSRP except the King B I want what I paid for those. + Shipping PM me for details - but know I am away most of tomorrow I will be here for a little mid-day & then Sunday.
  11. W

    cigars for sale

    I'm in a very tight financial position right now, so I must sell some things, and quickly. The following cigars are all up for grabs, and I would prefer to sell everything as a whole. Please PM me for more details. 13) Cusano 18 Toros & Humidor box w/ Mike Cusano & another guy's...
  12. C

    Also Acid Cigars for Sale

    For you Acid fans out there, I have a separate humidor I keep my Acid cigars in, but I'm selling some of these as well in the name of new housedom. I have: 1400cc Atom Maduro Blondie Extraordinary Larry Kuba Kuba Kong Cameroon Liquid Nasty Roam PM me for more information.
  13. C

    Cigars for Sale

    Well, the wife wants a new house so I need to liquidate some assets. Sadly, this includes a part of my cigar collection. I will list some of the cigars available. If anyone is interested send me a PM and I will let you know about pricing. I promise the prices are really good on everything...
  14. Doc-T

    Weather station on sale: Temp, humidity ... eptId=7651 Don't know if this brand is any good. But for $10, can't really go wrong.
  15. C

    Cohiba Red Dot Cigars for Sale

    I have a particular size available in small quantities. PM me if you are interested.
  16. C

    Acid Cigars for Sale

    I have various sizes and quantities of Acid cigars available. If anyone is interested please send me a PM.
  17. C

    Cigars for sale -

    I have 2 boxes from Fuente 1- The Don Carlos Holiday sampler 2- Fuente Holiday sampler I'd like to sell both at once if possible these are $100 each + shipping PM me if yu want them! CC
  18. A

    few cigars for sale

    in going through my humidor i found a few cigars i dont have any interest in smoking. not that i dont like them, just that i have many more that i like a lot better so im just going to get rid of them. $20 asking price for: 2 vegas gold, one churchill, one torpedo 1 cusano P1, churchill 4...
  19. C

    My entire Cigar collection for sale!

    Well things happen and we need money! Today I noticed my car was on "E" well I'll be needed to sell every cigar I own if I want to fill the tank! Bidding starts at 1 gallon :wink:
  20. C

    cigar sale.

    I see the R&J's are on sale. 10% off! The bully size is reg $90.00, (which is allready to high) but I see the sale price of 10% off is 89.95 WHAT THE %$&^!!! I dont get it. I thought I was bad at math. Any body got any clues to this sale?