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    Please help, I screwed up.

    Hi, I decided to treat myself and buy a nice relatively expensive humidor. I knew I had to season it, so I had polypropylene glycol solution delivered with it. I used quite a bit of the solution seasoning the humidor... multiple wipes to make sure the wood was well and truly moist.... I now...
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    I think I screwed up

    I wanted to clean a pipe of accumulated stuff around the bowl, so I scraped it with the sppon tool. Lots of gunk came out. When I smoked it the next night, I could swear I tasted burned wood, from the bowl? Did I foul up the pipe? or do I just need to smoke a few bowls to get a cake going again?
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    Think I will get SCREWED? Internet order of Meerschaum pipe

    I was forced to retire because of an injury off the job so I am "living" in my retirement on the $150 Momma allows me per month. Being a "gun nut" and shooter their is not a lot for small insignificant pleasures but I do OK for a new retiree. I am new into pipe smoking thanks to an inheritance...