1. E

    Todays Tea...

    Today, my cup is full of Tazo® Joy™ Full Leaf Tea. Still trying to refine my tea palate as I am not getting the nuances everyone claims to get.
  2. A

    A good tea for the wedding?

    My fiance is from Eastern Europe that I am planning on building a dream marriage! it has been her dream to serve a good cup of tea when we will be serving the cake on our wedding. Any good recommendations?
  3. B128thopen

    Anyone Else Drink Tea?

    Does anyone else drink tea? I wanted to be a little healthier this year so I thought about switching from coffee to tea in the mornings. A few tea stores recently opened near me and I went in one to just look around and ask some questions. An older lady who was full of a wealth of knowledge...
  4. A


    Who drinks tea when they smoke? If I'm not drinking a good bourbon or scotch, I'll occasionally drink tea in the evening with a cigar. Usually, I go with a breakfast blend or a green tea. I'm looking at branching out. Y'all gave such good suggestions in terms of beers, I'd like to see what good...
  5. R

    Stash Tea B&B coupons

    My wife and I drink Stash Tea by the gallon and they have a dynamite offer: Send in three UPC symbols off Stash tea boxes and $3.95 and they send you a coupon good for a free night at a B&B. They have hundreds of B&Bs listed all over the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. When we went to...
  6. C

    Tea and cigars?

    Okay, so I've achieved the near impossible task of getting not just my dad, which was the easy part, but my mom in on my cigar antics! Dad has taken quite a liking to A. Fuente Short Story and mom likes anything sweet like CAO Flavours. I'm so proud! Anyhow, so now after teaching them a...
  7. M

    Anyone had bubble tea yet?

    I found a tea cafe here in town and they serve this stuff called bubble tea. Its hard to explain so I attached a link. I really like it. So far I have tried the Lychee w/green tea bubbles, Kiwi w/ green tea bubbles, cocnut w/ black tea bubbles, and my favorite, sesame with green tea bubbles...
  8. Fernando Coelho

    Tea in Malaysia

    When I was in Malaysia in ’89-’90 working on a film I drank a hot tea that was pretty good. When I used to walk from the apartment I stayed in to the studio I would stop at a stand that served, among other things, this hot tea in a tall glass. If I recall correctly it was called tea terrick...
  9. J

    Tea and Terms

    Did you ever wonder what all the strange terms printed on the Tea box really mean? Things like Green Tea or cut Black tea leaves, or the ever missleading Orange Pekoe? Actually, it's all pretty simple. Black tea is leaf that have been allowed to sun dry and ferment. Black tea gives you the...