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    What is a Pif split from good traders

    Hi all, I have been in the forum for a little over a month now. Realy starting to learn quite a bit just reading, and asking some questions. My question today is what is a PIF?
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    Bad traders!!!!!!!! Beware or Be warned!

    Here is a web site that lists names of people that travel the cigar boards and do bad trades. I figured if anyone here was going to do any trading on any boards they may want to bookmark this page and check to make sure the person they are dealing with is not on it. If just one of us saves a...
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    Good Traders and Stand Up Folks

    This subject is covered on several cigar sites. I think it would be nice to have one here. So here goes: I've only traded with two folks here. Bloofington and CobsGirl. Both excellent and timely trades would do it again anytime. Cigarsmoka is a great guy as well. He's sent me tons of...