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    Deal too good to be true?

    Hello all. I'm a new smoker and started hanging around the local cigar lounge has humidors on the wall, all under lock and key. They offer them for a 1 year rental for $500 but with it you get 10% off all drinks and a $500 gift card to the place. Should I hop all over this?
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    Big thanks to a true BOTL HIGHPSI

    Just wanted to put it out there that he sent out a bunch of cigars for my noobness to get me going. A real good person, and even included an extra goodie just because he was delayed a bit. Thanks again man, and be sure the favor will be returned!!!
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    I just have to say that the generosity of this forum never ceases to amaze me. I had mentioned that I had never enjoyed the experience of a q-ban and low and behold I received two packages in the mail today. I don't know what to say but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :shock: :shock: :shock...
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    is this true?

    is it true that if you lick the wrapper all the way around it will burn more even?
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    humi too good to be true?

    think i'm going to jump on this oak one....they got alot of features for relativley low dollar ... e=Preorder opinions?