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    Did you sign a restrictive contract for Opus and other cigars from suppliers?

    Do you have to sign a restrictive contract to get Opus and a few other cigars from suppliers ?
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    Vince Is A Baaaaaaaaad Boy!!! . . .

    I saw the mail truck pull up short of the box today, and I'm saying, no packages from my dad today, it's too soon, who's sending me stuff? Then, after getting dressed, I went out for the box, and after taking it inside, . . . :omg: :omg: :omg: :wine: :cheerschug: :cheers: An...
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    Avatars -- Vince and Bikeman

    Vince-- What is your avatar? Its really small and I can't make it out too well. It kinda looks like a Jewish Fidel Castro but... Bikeman-- Best avatar of yours yet. I'm part British so I'm a Churchill admirer but the bike just fits perfectly. Its also a great photograph in a modern sort...
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    Attn: Vince

    Let's continue this here instead of mucking up that other thread more. You said I cut too much off the cigar in the photo, but I find with those particular cigars (Hemingways), the draw is almost impossible if I don't cut them that way. I'd rather not clip off a piece of the foot...
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    DBrad, CC, DD, and Vince

    Boys, the packages are on their way. Sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy!! DD, check your PM.
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    Vince ... Are you out there?

    Has anyone heard how Vince is doing?
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    Big Thanks To Big Vince in Steeler Country!!! . . .

    :birthday: :rnr: :birthday: :pumpkin: :pumpkin: :cheerschug: I arrived home to find two packages against my garage door last night. One of them was a VERY nice package from Big Vince, but rot nail 'n' forevermore y'all kin call him The Big Slim. :wink: Inside this little box were a...
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    Where's Vince?

    Just miss his enjoyable posts.
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    When Vince mentioned Hawaiian Kona . . .

    yesterday, it reminded me how great a day starter that coffee is, and how long it had been since I had any. Being short on money, I couldn't afford a whole pound, so I dropped $15 on a half pound at The Marketplace in Grand Central prior to leaving the city for home on Monday morning. Woke...