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    Win free cigars!

    Hey everyone! Head over to and be entered to win some awesome cigars! Liga Privada and Fuente Opus X cigars are up for grabs! GET ENTERED NOW!!
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    Here is a great win for the little guy

    This is the place I am a member. They have been fighting in court for quite awhile ... 30-ON.html
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    Rangers win the gold and silver!!

    Alright, maybe just Lundqvist and Nieminen. It'll hold them over for a couple of months until they get to drink from Lord Stanley's cup :wink: I felt bad for Nieminen though, the Fins dominated the tournament.
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    Hello everyone. Okay, time for another contest and giveaway I think you will all have fun with, theres not a lot of room, so good luck getting in. The prize for the contest is a Box of a new cigar coming out called Danli Reserve, made for us by Caribe. The winner of this contest gets a...