1. K

    Wine cellar tips

    Hello all, Hope most of you here love wine and some of you may be interested in preparing them in home. For wine lovers, here are some tips on how to store the prepared wine in a wine cellar ( ). When I was a...
  2. Cgars25

    Wine cooler conversion ( without cigars)

    Same before I put cigars in.
  3. Cgars25

    Wine cooler conversion

    Hi all just finished my wine cooler conversion. It maintains humidity perfectly. It's kept in basement above 60 degrees.
  4. Q

    Homemade strawberry wine...

    anybody have any secret ingredients they add before bottling? I'm trying to lightly sweeten some before I bottle, but I still end up with a tart aftertaste. I know this is a dry wine, but I figure someone would know how to tone it down a wee bit. :oops: :lol:
  5. J

    Sulfites in wine

    Yo, Bloof, Not knowing any more about the subject than I do, I accept all that you said regarding sulfites as being correct. I didn't think the thread regarding Gin drinks in the summertime was the proper place to respond to that information, however, hence this new thread. If, as you...
  6. W

    Wine cooler people?

    Any folks here using the Avanti wine cooler? How are you humidifying it? I picked up mine today and it's up and running. I have a pound of Heartfelt beads divided up in 2 half pound bags. I thought I'd put a half pound toward the top and 1 near the bottom. do you think this is enough? I...
  7. B

    Suggestions for a smooth Port wine

    Howdy all! A new guy here. I'd like some suggestions for a good tasting, smooth Port wine. I've tried some-[actually very few] that were bitter and just didn't taste good. Could you please suggest some brands for an admitted novice to try that you think would be good to start out with? I really...
  8. M

    best smoke with a port wine?

    anyone have any thoughts as to a favorite smoke to go along with a port wine or after dinner drink?.... also, any suggestions as to favorite combinations? thanks Mike- LI New York
  9. T

    cigar and wine cellar

    Since CohibaSmoker made a great trade for my wife's TAA cigars, I wanted to post some pictues of my collection.
  10. S

    For you wine enthusiasts out there........

    I plan on smoking an aged Padron 64 tomorrow night and I would like suggestions on a bottle of red that would pair nicely with this stick. ANy ideas, or past experiences with a great red that would go with this?
  11. F

    good cheap wine

    Hi, I am a college student who enjoys cigars and wine a lot. I've found a few good moderately priced cigars, but I was wondering if any of you out there had some recommendations for good wine under $10-12.
  12. F

    Wine Cooler Question

    I hope everyone is well! :D Spring has sprung here in California. It's great but it's also raising havoc with my humi's. I don't have a basement because here in Cali we need to shake rattle and roll :roll: . The coolest spot in the house is between 70~80 degrees and I'm running scared. We don't...
  13. B

    Making Wine, the easy way.

    Yesterday afternoon I took my xmas gift certificate, good for I batch of wine, to the new make your own wine store. Picked out an Italian red from the book (Valpoacello)sp. The shop lady went through the whole speil and then commenced to make some wine. They specialize in wine fron...
  14. B

    Ageing Barrels, Wine,Brandy, ETC

    Vince try the We could start a "cottage industry"
  15. B

    Need Advice on Wine Cellars

    Tucson gets really hot during the summer and I want to be able to store wine in the garage. I want to buy a Wine Cellar but, I'm on a budget. I want something that is good quality. I don't want to spend more than $250.00. What are some good brands? Advice on size? Models? Or, even...
  16. A

    Wine Chiller Help!

    Ive been looking around for a wine chiller...and Im not having any luck. Im looking for a 24 or so capacity one(enought to fit several boxes of cigars in), and that has an adjustable thermostat that goes up to at least 65ºF. Thanks!
  17. B

    Wine Cooler!!!!!

    I have just returned from the Big Orange Store (Home Depot) with two (2), 52 bottle, wine refrigerators. It seems that it is the annual model change. These are not top of the line units (Magic Chef made in china) but they aren't $500.00 each. I went to buy a little table top as a Xmas gift...
  18. D

    Looking for wine suggestions

    I'm looking for wine suggestions. My problem is that my wife likes something along the lines of syrup. You know, really sweet, ripple. Any suggestions for a decent wine that has some sweetness to it? Are there any?
  19. B

    LeNell's, Ltd., A Wine and Spirit Boutique: . . .

    That's what it says on the cute, jungle cat print (or some animal's markings) plastic bag that I carried out my two "scores" from this wonderful new (to me) "liquor store" that I visited recently, after reference from an online friend. And I assure you, it is no "liquor store." Yes, they sell...
  20. C

    Wine coolers/fridge for warm weather places

    Copied from a friends post: TampsPSD4 ... ine+cooler