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    Humidor during the winter

    With winter approaching that always means its time to fire up the furnace. Having forced hot air, the humidy in my house drops drastically which sucks it up of my humidor. Any tips on what I can do t keep my humidor humid during the winter months when the heat is on. I keep it away from heat...
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    Winter blues meet?

    Hey, A friend and I are considering going on a (preferably) warm weather winter adventure, for a long weekend toward the middle/end of February. Since plans haven't been made yet, I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone new of any cigar events or sit-downs around those dates?! Could...
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    Winter storage

    Guys - during the winter I move my humidors to the basement because the upstairs is just too dry and I really struggle keeping the humidity level up. However, the temperature inside my humidors in the basement hovers around 63 degrees - a little cooler than I like. Will this cause any damage...
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    on page 36 of's mail catalog there is a little article about preparing your cigars for the winter. Its more about the humidor but you get the point. it has 3 steps. 1) clean and inspect your humidor for problems (mold, bugs, whatnot) 2) Seasoning your humidor. Most of us...
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    Winter is upon us

    Hi again all! Ok, I was wonder if any of you are in my situation. I have a beautiful wife that I love very much, and as much as she loves me, she won't let me smoke in the house. Now, during the warmer seasons it isn't an issue as I love to sit in my back yard to enjoy a cigar. During the winter...
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    With winter comming

    What are people stocking up on. For me nothing really changes, I drink less mixed drinks and more Scotch this time of year and I don't know why.
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    Winter in California

    They say a cold air mass from Alaska has swooped down over northern California. NO KIDDING! I am a real candy arse when it comes to cold. I mean under 50* and I spend the day in the hot tub. I would much rather be hot and uncomfortable than cold and miserable. I put on my Carhart and long johns...