China Plastic Flexible Pipes And Fittings

Feb 18, 2019
Product Name: Plastic Flexible Pipes
Polyamide Flexible Pipe
Material: Nylon PA6
Working temperature: -40℃ to 125℃, 140℃ can be reached but kept only for a short time
Style: Close and split
Colour: Black, other color available upon request.
Property: Good flexibility, twist resistance and good bending performance, able to bear heavy loads; acid resistant, lubricant resistant and coolant resistant; luster on surface and abrasion resistant.
Load bearing capacity: able to bear the heavy pressure from treading of feet without cracking or deformation. It can promptly recoil with no damages.
Application: Machinery building, electrical insulating protection, illuminating equipment, automobile manufacturing, flight equipments, metro, trains and automatic control, etc.
Specification(AD)Item.No.Inner diameter x Outer diameter(mm)Curved radius(mm)Std.Pkg(m)
AD10.0FP-PA-10.06.5 x 10.016100
AD11.6FP-PA-11.68.0 x 11.616100
AD13.0FP-PA-13.010.0 x 13.020100
AD15.8FP-PA-15.812.0 x 15.830100
AD18.5FP-PA-18.514.3 x 18.540100
AD21.2FP-PA-21.217.0 x 21.245100
AD25.0FP-PA-25.020.0 x 25.04550
AD28.5FP-PA-28.523.0 x 28.55050
AD34.5FP-PA-34.529.0 x 34.56050
AD42.5FP-PA-42.536.0 x 42.57050
AD54.5FP-PA-54.548.0 x 54.59025China Plastic Flexible Pipes And Fittings

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