China Self-adhesive Sticker

Dec 2019

PP synthetic paper sticker
Synthetic paper, or synthetic paper, is a new type of plastic product made from a mixture of polyolefin resins, polyethylene resins and natural stone powders. Multi-functional materials with characteristics of plastic and paper. According to your different requirements, please contact the online customer service on the official website of dongguan jinzhen packaging materials co., LTD. Or call 138-0245-0911, our professional consultants will recommend and customize products suitable for you according to your requirements.PP synthetic paper adhesive thickness: 80#PP synthetic paper, 200#PP synthetic paper, 250#PP synthetic paper, etc. Advantages: PP synthetic paper adhesive PP synthetic paper adhesive is a kind of environmental protection product, repeatable regeneration use, and can complete combustion, will not affect the service life of the incinerator, with a light specific gravity, whiteness, glossiness and large intensity of light fastness, tearing resistance, good printing, shading, resistance to ultraviolet light, durable, economic and environmental protection, etc. PP synthetic paper adhesive USES: the source of raw materials and manufacturing process will not cause environmental changes and damage, and can resist chemical corrosion without environmental pollution, good air permeability, widely used in the printing of high art, maps, picture albums, high-end books and periodicals.
The synthetic paper sticker has excellent printing performance and will not break the paper when printing. The surface of synthetic paper shows a very small concave and convex shape, which is helpful to improve opacity and printing suitability. Composite paper image reproduction, clear dot, soft tone, size stability, not easy to aging.China Self-adhesive Sticker